sd_logo_smhills-oct-2016Hill’s® Science Diet® “Second Chance for Love” shelter program has partnered with
us and is donating pet food for all cats and kittens being cared for here.



Donations can be made at:

333 Talbot St., St. Thomas. ON N5P 1B5 animalaidestthomas@gmail.com Operations Manager – Sherrie Goodwin (519) 633-3788

Monday to Friday – 10:00-5:00pm
Saturday 12:00 – 4:00pm
Sundays: CLOSED



Welcome to Animal Aide St. Thomas – Elgin

The cat adoption centre is located at 333 Talbot Street, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, just west of
Elgin Street, across from the Grand Central Hotel. There’s free parking on both sides of the street.


October 1, 2017 will be a day of great change for Animal Aide. It has been decided that after many, many years of being open on Sundays, we will now be closed to the public. It has become increasingly difficult to find volunteers who are willing to come in every Sunday and remain until 2:00 pm. We will, of course, still require volunteers to come in at 9 am to clean. October 1 will also be the day we are forced to raise the price of adoptions. The $150.00 price has been in effect for the past 7 years but, due to rising costs of maintaining the shelter and paying the vet bills we have no choice but, to raise the price of adoption to $175.00. You might be shocked that, on average, each adult cat costs us at least $220. That price includes a spay, revolution, profender, fecal and one set of shots. It does not take into consideration, special surgeries, medication or overnight stays at the vet.This price raise is not something we want to do but, in order to continue to provide the service we do, we need funds. There is obviously a need since we have taken in 714 cats and kittens so far this year. We sincerely hope for your continuing support and understanding in this decision.
Thank you.

Animal Aide is dedicated to the safety of all of our animals, while they are with us and after they find their permanent homes. In order to ensure this, Animal Aide’s policy is that all adopted cats go to homes where they will be kept indoors at all times.

Our Mission is to save the lives of stray and unwanted cats in St. Thomas and Elgin County. We provide temporary homes in our cat center and foster homes as well as complete medicare and adoptions to permanent homes. All cats are vaccinated, and spayed or neutered before adoption. 

There are many dangers on the streets for cats that shorten their lives or cause them unnecessary pain and suffering and these animals deserve to live long, healthy lives, indoors where they can be protected. When considering adopting through Animal Aide, please keep this in mind and respect our
policy. Thank you for caring.

Due to major advances in the veterinary field, kittens can be spayed/neutered younger than ever before. With that in mind, Animal Aide will no longer adopt out unspayed/unneutered kittens.

Love kittens?
Foster a mother & baby kittens.

Want to adopt, foster or volunteer with cats?
Email us or visit our cat adoption centre, 333 Talbot St., St. Thomas.

Have you adopted a cat/dog from ANIMAL AIDE in the past? If so, please send us a HAPPY ENDING, just a short story and a picture or two to let us know how they are doing. We love hearing that they are happy and loved – please send to donnajag@hotmail.com and have your pet join our 500 plus Happy Endings!

Adoption fees for cats & kittens:
All cats/kittens – *$175: includes Revolution (for ear mites, fleas, parasites and some worms); first set of
vaccinations and standard vet check; Cestex for worms, spay/neuter.  Taxes included.

* Animal Aide reserves the right to change the adoption price up or down for specific cats at any time, depending on circumstances


Our residents: Athena, Noir & Clementine